Dino Game: Dinosaur T-Rex Game

Dino Game was originally built into Google Chrome which is an unlimited runner video game. This dinosaur game was added as an Easter Eager in 2014 into Google Chrome which users can play when the internet is not available. 270M+ worldwide players play the chrome dino game every month which is featured as a T-Rex Dinosaur. Play dinosaur game online with dinosaurgame.io in fullscreen or default screen. T-Rex Dino is a hidden replica of the Chrome Dino offline mode game. Press the space bar on the keyword or tap on mobile to start the game. To control dinosaur use the Up and Down arrow keys from the keyword or tapping them. Try to maximize score points.

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History of Dinosaur Game

Dino Game is an iconic offline mini-game that you’ve probably encountered while using Google Chrome. Whenever you lose your internet connection this dinosaur game appears on your screen. To begin your exciting adventure press the space bar on the keyboard. Jumping dino when an obstacle comes your way to avoid crashes that will send you back to start a new game.

Simple and addictive gameplay of the Google Dinosaur game numerous users attracts with the game. Worldwide millions of users play Dino Game every day. Not require experience, setup, and particular gear to play this game on desktop and mobile devices. In this challenging chrome dino game you make the highest score to take over the leaderboard position.

Google Dinosaur game is compatible with all devices including mobile and desktop which makes it more popular. The gameplay is simple but it is difficult to achieve decent scores which requires high hand-end coordination skills. It's an entertainment game with fun features.

FAQs of Dino Game

What happens when you reach a 99999 score in Dino game?

When you reach the maximum limit of the score point then the dinosaur game starts from 0.

Who created a fabulous dinosaur game?

Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel, and Alan Bettes are part of the Google Chrome UX team and created this Chrome Dino Game in 2014.

Who can participate in google dino game?

Everyone who has access to a mobile or computer device can participate in the jumping dino game. Open the T-Rex Dinosaur game site to participate in the game.

Is there skill required to play a dino game?

If you have good hand-eye coordination skills then you can play a dinosaur game and make a high score. Without touching any obstacles you have to dive and jump to move ahead.

What is the highest milestone in chrome dino?

Highest milestone you can achieve in this Google dinosaur game is 99999. When you reach this milestone then you can start a game from the starting point.